Scientific Platform

Our unique scientific approach is designed to allow us to deliver disease-modifying therapies to a broad range of relevant tissues.

Stoking Protein Production

We believe Stoke’s proprietary research platform, TANGO, can be used to treat a broad spectrum of serious diseases in which the patient has one healthy copy of a gene and one mutated copy that fails to produce a protein essential to health. These diseases, in which loss of approximately 50% of normal protein expression causes disease, are called autosomal dominant haploinsufficiencies.

Using our proprietary platform, we aim to increase protein production from the remaining healthy copy of a gene and to restore the protein to near normal levels, thereby slowing or stopping disease progression.

A Vision for Our Science

Our novel approach will allow us to pursue disease-modifying treatments for severe diseases. Using the TANGO approach and a deep understanding of RNA science, Stoke researchers design antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) that bind to pre-mRNA and help the target genes produce more protein.

Stoke’s initial focus is haploinsufficiencies and diseases of the central nervous system and the eye, although proof of concept has been demonstrated in other organs, tissues, and systems, supporting the Company’s belief in the broad potential for its proprietary approach.

“We have a clear objective: to use our science to develop disease-modifying therapies that will make a real difference for patients. Our rational thinking and data-driven approach guide us as we work every day to make progress.”

– Meena, VP of Bioanalytical, DMPK and Biomarker Development

See How TANGO Works

We are developing TANGO as potentially the first precision medicine platform for treating a category of severe diseases known as autosomal dominant haploinsufficiencies.