Corporate Responsibility

We act with integrity and hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards.


Our core values guide our commitment to patients and the way we operate as we pursue our mission to deliver meaningful medicines for people with severe diseases. These values also serve as the foundation for our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) and our approach to diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB).

Environment, Social & Governance

We understand the importance of considering the impact of our actions and decisions on others, including our efforts related to environmental and social responsibility, and responsible corporate governance. We aim to set high standards with realistic forecasts that align with our values. Ultimately, we prioritize meeting our commitments by owning what we control and championing an outcome that takes into account our needs as well as the needs of the stakeholders in our communities.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize that our use of natural resources and our carbon footprint must be actively managed for the benefit of  society at large. As a growing company, our approach and efforts are continually evolving. The potential for environmental impact is factored into relevant decisions as we expand our operations. Ultimately, our aim is to operate with an environmentally-conscious mindset, doing our part to pursue sustainable development with minimal environmental impact. These efforts include reducing waste, use of eco-friendly materials, and management of water consumption. Environmental responsibility at Stoke will continue to evolve; we are committed to a long-term approach.

Social Responsibility

Stoke cares about building a positive culture both for our employees as well as in our local and patient communities. Our social responsibility efforts include volunteering time and resources to support our local communities; showing up for our patient communities to demonstrate support and advance disease understanding; prioritizing Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging in our workplace and in how we engage with stakeholders; and creating a positive workplace environment with opportunities, tools and benefits for our employees.

We are committed to investing in our employees by offering comprehensive and competitive benefits. Our employee-led council on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) actively welcomes and celebrates diversity and respect for one another, and sponsors programming to educate and engage employees.

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance Guidelines set forth expectations for directors, director independence standards, Board committee structure and functions, and other policies for the governance of the company. In addition, our Code of Conduct applies to all of our employees, officers, and directors, including our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other executive and senior financial officers.

Hear From Our People

The authenticity of our commitments and actions is conveyed best through the people who make them real through their work.

Giving Back

Brittany Slipp, Scientist I

“Coming together to support the communities around us reveals a lot about the type of people who make Stoke what it is. Each year when we put out the call to make a different in the lives of local children around the holidays, I’m overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and generosity of my fellow Stokers.” 

Diversity Makes Us Better

Rose Sun, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

“We don’t just talk about diversity – we live it. Our company is enriched by the sharing of traditions, foods and cultural insights around holidays and observances, which complements our collective passion to stand up for what’s right and continue working to ensure Stoke is a place where all people can feel that they belong.”

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Operating as a diverse and inclusive company is a key factor in our success.