About Stoke

We are united in our mission to address the underlying cause of severe diseases.

Who We Are

We are deeply committed to patients and motivated by an unwavering belief that our team can do what’s never been done before. We are united in our mission to address the underlying cause of severe diseases by upregulating protein expression with RNA-based medicines. At the same time, we are caring, fun-loving and humble humans. We embrace diversity within a unique culture that is defined by our values.

Our Core Values

Our values guide our work to deliver meaningful medicines for people who need them. We are committed to being true to ourselves, to our colleagues, and to the people with severe diseases who are counting on us.

Show Up R.e.a.l.

Be Respectful, Empathetic, Authentic, and Listen to learn.

Speak Up & Deliver

Listen thoughtfully, debate with intention and move forward as one.

Fire Up Fearless

Patients are waiting. Be courageous and thoughtfully navigate opportunities, challenges, and change.

Every Voice Matters

Stoke employees are authentic, transparent, diverse and inclusive.  Every person is invited to provide input which is considered in decision-making.

Inspired by Impact

We are dedicated, persistent and work with a sense of urgency fueled by our passion to make a difference for patients.

Serious About Fun

We are purposeful about building shared experiences and fun into our work to balance the seriousness of our scientific endeavors.

Meet Our Founders

Stoke was co-founded in 2014 by Professor Adrian Krainer, Ph.D. and Isabel Aznarez, Ph.D. who aimed to use their groundbreaking science targeting pre-mRNA splicing to develop precision medicines that treat the underlying cause of genetic diseases.

Ignite Your Career

Does the idea of making an impact for patients with severe disease light a fire within you?  Learn more about opportunities to join our team.