Boldly Restoring Genetic Health

Addressing the underlying cause of severe diseases by upregulating protein expression with RNA-based medicines.

TANGO: Restoring Missing Proteins

Targeted Augmentation of Nuclear Gene Output, or TANGO, is our proprietary research platform. Unlike other RNA-based approaches, TANGO aims to restore missing proteins by increasing – or stoking – protein output from healthy genes, thus compensating for the non-functioning copy of the gene. Stoke’s initial applications for this technology are diseases in which one copy of a gene functions normally and the other is mutated, also called haploinsufficiencies. However, our research has shown that TANGO can increase full-length, fully functional protein expression from a variety of healthy genes. These findings support our belief that our approach may lead to an entirely new way of treating many severe diseases.

Using Science to Change People’s Lives

Stoke was founded on the idea that we could use unique insights in RNA biology to do something that has never been done before: increase protein output from healthy genes using an RNA-based approach. Our team is making progress on turning that vision into reality.

Spark Your Career

We are fired up about science and our ability to make a difference for people living with severe diseases. We are purposefully inclusive, bring our authentic selves to work each day and, despite our serious mission, look to have fun while we’re at it. We invite you to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can make a difference.