Racial Equity

George Floyd’s death has brought needed attention to the topic of systemic racism in our country. As Americans, we have struggled with this for centuries. As individuals, as a company and as society, we must do better. We must change.

At Stoke, we have built a diverse and inclusive team that is fueling our success. But, we can and we will do better. We are starting by listening, learning and taking action.

We have asked our employees to stoke change: become better educated on the topic of racial inequity; make a donation to organizations that support efforts to address racism and inequity; speak up when we see violations of equity; and share ideas to affect change in and around our company.

We know change starts with us, and we have made a donation to Campaign Zero, an organization working to end police violence in America, and some of us have taken to the streets in peaceful protest.

We will be unrelenting in our pursuit of a culture that welcomes and celebrates diversity and respect for one another. We encourage our employees to contribute to creating a better, more equitable world.

Thank you,

Edward M. Kaye, M.D.
CEO, Stoke Therapeutics